About Us

The Central States Law Schools Association (CSLSA) is a regional organization of law schools dedicated to providing a supportive forum for conversation and collaboration with respect to scholarly activity by law school academics.

To that end, CSLSA hosts an annual meeting and conference each year to bring legal scholars together to share their works in progress.  This conference is normally held in September or October at the site of one of the member schools.

Membership in the CSLSA is open to any law school located in the central portion of the United States that is fully or provisionally approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association or successor accrediting body.  Currently, there are approximately 45 member schools, including the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Indiana University–Bloomington, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Ohio State University.  Participation by faculty from non-member schools is also permitted.

History of Past Conferences

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